On the water

About water

The end of XX century brought a number of new concepts that have changed many of our views on the world. There is acute need to save environment, and in particular - drinking water. A few years ago we did not hesitate to pour water into the kettle from the tap; it is now very few people dare. The quality of our tap water does not have much to say - water which fully meets all required standards is practically absent. Therefore, in the cities people have become accustomed to buy clean drinking water in bottles.


Our  Water "HAYOT" is bottled with mountain  from the source of the high-mountain spring "Chashma", located in an ecologically clean area in Chatkal Biosphere Reservation. By geographic location the spring is in the mountainous terrain and its origin-melt from the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, all that determines its pleasant taste and balance of essential minerals. At the foot of high mountains it is struggling out and forming a small river runs down from the mountain tops to the village Sukok of Parkent district of Tashkent region. According to legend, the name of the village Sukok well established in honor of this water, which means that in Uzbek "Suv kuk" - meaning "clear water".

In the old days there was a belief that after drinking of spring water it is possible to draw power of the earth. To preserve natural properties of water in accordance with the requirements of the International Bottlers of Water Association (IBWA) our production was built in the immediate vicinity of the source and the water from this spring flows through the pipeline laid by our company over length of 5 km directly into our production.

Here with the use of modern technological equipment it is fully cleaned by multistage filtration and sterilized by ozonation. More than 95% of all bottled water in the world is ozone treated; ozone is a disinfectant approved by the International Bottlers of Water Association (IBWA). Ozonation means 100% guarantee of microbiological purity of water, without forming any by-products, and most importantly while maintaining all the necessary minerals.