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  About Company
Our company JV "OZON TEHNOLOGIYALARI" was established in 2004 with the aim of developing, manufacture and implementation of ozone technology in various sectors of production.

 Due to the unique properties of ozone as the most powerful natural oxidant, ozone technology is widely used worldwide in the field of medicine, food industry and especially in the purification of drinking water. The priority of our activity is manufacture and sale of mountain spring water under the brand name "HAYOT".

 Our water - "HAYOT" mountain spring-bottled from of the high-mountain spring "Chashma" located in an ecologically clean area in Chatkal Biosphere Reservation. The main task of which the Company has set for itself is to provide the population with completely safe and high quality and healthy drinking water. We are one of the few companies who produce bottled water of the highest quality, very pure and physiologically full. By providing quality products at the world standards, however, "HAYOT" remains focused on its affordability for the general population, so that consumption of high-quality bottled water has ceased to be an advantage only to people with substantial incomes.

Therefore, the water "HAYOT" today is popular and recognizable bottled water in Uzbekistan.
This mark is deservedly favored and trusted by thousands of customers. We are the first company operating in the bottled water market in Uzbekistan using reusable polycarbonate bottles, and from the end 2011 is the first and the only company in Uzbekistan, a manufacturer of polycarbonate bottles.
The company «HAYOT» - a close-knit friendly team of professionals who are sincerely glad to see you among our customers. We are working in your best interest!