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Polycarbonate bottle

Polycarbonate bottle

The company "HAYOT" is manufacturing of polycarbonate bottles from end of 2011 and is currently the only manufacturer of such in Uzbekistan. Our production is a bottle extrusion blow-line of full-cycle, i.e. from raw material of polycarbonate pellets obtained as finished product - bottle. At this time the production of two types of polycarbonate bottles is established: 12.9 liters and 19 liters.  This equipment allows the production capacity on request to produce bottles of non-traditional design and other volumes. Bottles made of polycarbonate of the world-famous European Concern "BAYER" which allows production of high quality products.

Why use the bottle Filling of clean natural drinking water in bottles made of polycarbonate is a new and very promising direction for Uzbekistan and CIS countries. These bottles are environmentally friendly, to be reusable and are designed taking into account the ability to keep the taste of drinking water. In this light and sealed bottles water can be stored for over a year without losing its quality.

Technical characteristics - Designation: reusable containers for bottling, transportation and storage of non-carbonated water. - Material: Polycarbonate - Appearance: clear, blue - Shape: round with a handle - Capacity: 12.9 and 19 liters.

Why is polycarbonate? In recent years the food industry in Western Europe and the United States replaces traditionally used glass bottles with polycarbonate polymer ones. Polycarbonate (PC) is a linear polyester of carbonic acid density of 1.2 g / cm with a temperature resistance up to 150 C and a tensile strength of 60 ... 70 MPa.

Bottles of this material have high mechanical strength (do not beat), lightweight (85% lighter than glass), are resistant to low and high temperatures, do not interact with packaged product, transparent as glass, are easy to clean with chemically aggressive media and have reusable packaging application, which, despite an increase in prices has been well accepted by consumers. Containers made of polycarbonate are characterized by an attractive appearance, elastic and unbreakable, which allows use them where the use of glass bottles is prohibited by safety considerations (schools, kindergartens, etc.). In addition, it is convenient for travel, camping, etc.